[review] Greenroom136 Mission backpack – Part 2

In reference to: Part 1

This is long overdue.

I apologise for the lack of pictures, this time around we were in Singapore for the Singapore Toys Games and Comics Con, so I didn’t have a lot of time to take pix.

We took a bus down with most of our stock, spread over everyone’s luggage, and including the Mission backpack.


1 netbook
Various chargers
notebooks (the old fashioned kind)
Sketchbooks (just slightly larger than A4)-20
Sticker packs (about 100 stickers in one pack)

It was pretty packed to the gills. The weight distribution was pretty good, we didn’t feel the weight of all those books. The shoulder straps were very comfortable.

When it rained later on, it definitely was drier than our original Greenroom bag, which was a good thing.

During the convention, we had packed it with even more books and items (without netbook etc) and got about using public transport.
It worked out really really well, very comfortable, despite the increased weight, for which we were thankful.

One of the boys could also carry it on their shoulders without too much hassle either (or complaining for that matter!) so the weight distribution indeed was awesome!

It’s really cool to see the progression of Greenroom136 products, from the 1st one we bought last year to this year’s new products and the continual pushing of the design envelope (or bags I should say LOL). Nice one, guys!

It is a short review this time, but we were really happy with what we put it through, stuffing it to the brim, lugging it everywhere, tossing it around etc, under convention/travel conditions. Good job guys!


[review] Greenroom136 Mission backpack – Part 1

I’ve been a fan of the Greenroom136 series, custom made bags by a local small business. I finally bought one last year after STGCC (the Bootstrap) which has seen good service, and still does. It is customised with lovely artwork too 🙂

So I was quite happy to add the Mission Backpack to our little family, and I promised to do a review in our own little haphazard fashion. Here’s Part 1 (more after STGCC where we will really test it!):-

Here’s the official description about what it’s made of (they say it so much better than I ever would :D) :

1000 denier Cordura outer shell with a 420 denier Ripstop, vinyl reinforced inner shell;
2 industrial grade 2″ safety belt grab handles and EVA packed double shoulder straps with 2.5″ width;
Front compartment with YKK zip and organizer pockets.
A top loading, main compartment with double layer ripstop cover and accessible by YKK zip enclosure.
Large main compartment with 2 deep knick knack pockets and 1 large document pocket.
BookPouch with plush EVA padding and new corduroy lining, sold separately.

There are two sizes: Large (for 15″ laptop) RM350, Regular (13″) RM300.

Yes, I chose the jolly orange/black colour, they have tons of other colours to select from.

Here are some random pictures of the Mission Backpack:

2013-07-13 10.45.09

The first peek at the Mission Backpack

2013-07-24 22.15.17

Front View. Note the hidden front pocket (with zip).

2013-07-24 22.15.58

The back view. Note the wide backpack straps etc. The boys have mentioned that the strength/look of the backpack straps/handles reminded them of carseat belts LOL.

2013-07-24 22.21.43

The inside pouch, the zip is well tucked in, but you can pop it out of the pouch in case you have something high, such as artwork or prints from your favourite artists. (that’s me being subtle there!)

2013-07-24 22.17.16

The outer pocket. There are plenty of slots of different widths and there’s a good depth to this pocket.

2013-07-24 22.18.04

With the help of a minion, we see how deep the middle bit goes. Allllllllllll the way down there… the base is rectangular, allowing for better stability when putting it down (well, once you have stuff in it that is :D)

2013-07-24 22.19.24

Minion shows you where the laptap/tablet pouch is, it’s well padded so your gadgets etc are safe!

2013-07-24 22.20.46

Elektra and Minions show you more pockets inside!

2013-07-14 14.03.02

My helpful model shows you the adjustability of the Mission backpack, depending on how tall you are.

2013-07-14 14.03.29<a

A different angle.

So that’s the shallow part of this review, the pictures 😀 Now here’s the more practical part. What have we used it for?

Groceries: We did two grocery runs with this bag, stuffing it to the maximum with tins of soup, bottles etc, then using it as a backpack. It sat very comfortably on my back, despite the very heavy load and it was good load distribution too. The 2nd run, we tried oddly shaped groceries to see if that helped, still good load distribution. We had also packed yoghurt and so on in there, it remained cool, well insulated I think 🙂

Water Resistant: We did a dance in the rain with it, things remained dry inside, which is an improvement on the Bootstrap, which is definitely water repellent but not as well insulated as the Mission Backpack.

Books/Portfolios: J2 used this for various storybooks, pencilcase, sketchbook, his A4 portfolio folder, our netbook, a Galaxy Tab (last 2 inside the laptop pocket). It barely touched the sides. He was quite chuffed 🙂 And he thought that it was really comfortable.

Travel: The real test would be its use during STGCC when we head to Singapore. We will be using the LRT/MRT and walking a lot during this time and with stock of differing sizes and various things for our booths there, it will be used to the max! So look out for Review Part 2 thereafter. (I’ll probably need a week to recover after STGCC anyway :P)

Stay Tuned!