Week of Jan 20th-27th 2014

I decided to adjust their routine a little and give them half hour cycling at the park while I walk around the park. I think I need to begin half hour earlier (at least) as it affected the rest of our routine so we started lessons an hour later than we’d planned.


Twins: Cursive writing practice. Practiced flash cards for Mandarin again. They re-read their notes from the reptiles session of last week and presented what they had studied. So far they have got most of the points, and explained it in their own words. This afternoon, return to reptiles classification. they did some more cursive writing practice, this time by alphabet. I’ve encouraged them to now write their notes in cursive, to get used to the practice.


K was not so responsive today, and during flash cards practice he got frustrated and pitched a fit. After some time, he calmed down. We then read through his notes on the solar system and corrected his mistakes (punctuation, mixing up of small/capital letters). Taught him to make paragraphs and not spread out his sentences line by line. We read through. We’ll finish up the Mercury description notes after their break. This afternoon, some Maths addition practice. We did some writing practice, with the alphabet to help with the capital/small letter mix up.


Today was not so good in terms of work, we definitely had a late start, although we did do the walk in the park/cycle thing. We had a more relaxed session this morning. They prepped their notebooks for science experiments and workshops and we discussed an upcoming workshop for them.

Science experiment: Molecules Pg 7. Science Wizardry for Kids (morning). We took notes on the experiment and observing the changes over set period of times. They wrote a short paragraph on what are atoms and molecules.

Twins :Practice Mandarin Flash cards, 100%.

23rd Jan:

We took the morning off from the park today. I think they needed a rest, I know I did! We’re going to assemble the the telescopes soon and figure out when the new moon begins.

Afternoon: Mandarin class

Twins: corrections from Grandma’s lessons
Noting down the conclusion from yesterday’s experiment.
Preparing the phases of the moon to observe.
Introduction to Greek Mythology

He did some word search and puzzles that Grandma had given.
Maths Practice: addition (30 sums). Started on the thousands, mixed with hundreds.
Noting down the conclusion from yesterday’s experiment.
Preparing the phases of the moon to observe.

Twins: Grandma’s class

Multiplication Flashcards: 3x-6x. Will move onto 7x.
Introduction to Greek mythology (Reading)
Science (Intro): Planets- today’s planet was: Earth

afternoon: beginning on Mandarin homework.

Twins have workshops (one: Introduction to Stencyl. 2nd: Introduction to 3D art), 9am-5pm at KDU).
K has taekwondo, some reading and spending some time at grandma’s. He baked Granola bars (I let him handle most of the prep, under supervision) with me, and they turned out great 🙂 So that was a huge boost for him, he is happy giving it out to certain people, so it’s lovely to see 🙂

Next week is CNY (end of the week) so we probably won’t have lessons etc from Friday-Sunday but it’s back on the full on programme after that.

Have a great week ahead.


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