the week of Jan 13th- 18th 2014

Will be adding to this as the week progresses. This is to keep a record of what lessons/field trips/activities etc the boys get up to (With or without pix etc).

13/01- 15/01.

Did revision with the twins on Biology, then the following day they were at Grandma’s for their lesson (Brain, Ear, Eye, skin, throat), K and I worked on his Maths. We had realised that he wasn’t as confident using columns (the 1s, 10s etc) to do his sums, thus creating more opportunities of making mistakes, but not knowing where he went wrong. So using the Zoob pieces, I practiced that with him. In the afternoon, it was back to decluttering with their toys!

Today (15/01): Maths again with K (his request), we did two sums with the zoob, then we tried the column based addition sums to see how well he understood what we were trying to show him. You could see where he lost concentration, but otherwise he seems to have grasped the concept. We did a run of multiplication timestables up to 6x. This afternoon is Spelling (30 words). Then we’ll either play a board game or chill. They have no PC/console time today.

Twins: today was a diagram of the ear, with labels and explanations. Revision: up to 12x timestable. Spelling: 50 words. j1 and j2 settled lunch (egg salad sandwiches). They are doing creative writing, with their My Little Pony fan fiction (with their friends).

Mythology postponed to either Thursday or Friday afternoon. I need more research time, we only have the one book at the moment. We’ll talk over Greek Mythology this afternoon (since we’ve been reading Percy Jackson!), maybe play a game with those characters, or try out Monopoly.

They had Mandarin in the morning, and after an early lunch, we gave them their hour on the PC.

After that, we did English. They had to look up the words from their spelling tests and make sentences with those words. K has some issues with punctuation, capitalization and concentration (still). I’ll need to work with him on that, I’ll admit that I am so rusty with all that technical English stuff. The twins also did their cursive writing practice as requested by Grandma.


K: Mandarin flash cards to practice with his brothers.
Introduction to Science: the Solar system. Drawn out the system. Will list out and learn about the Sun, and each planet.
Multiplication Table Practice. (up to 6).
Writing Practice.

We watched a snake feeding on a rodent (thanks auntie k for the video!) and we will be doing natural sciences: reptiles for this week. They wrote down the characteristics of reptiles, stopping at skin. Will save that for another session, Then we will go into further depth, specific examples etc. Beginning with snakes! 🙂 video here:

Mandarin flash cards.
Decide on an experiment to plan towards. They are at Grandma’s in the afternoon anyway.

next week:

Twins: Introduction to Geography (revisit Malaysia, her states & state capitals. Select a state to do research on, and presentation to plan for).

K: English language.

Pictures below.

K and Maths

2014-01-15 10.12.31

2014-01-15 12.10.59

2014-01-15 10.21.49

2014-01-15 10.21.40

Educational Board Game to try!

2014-01-15 15.32.56

2014-01-15 15.33.09

2014-01-17 11.06.01

2014-01-17 10.26.16

2014-01-17 11.06.11

2014-01-17 11.24.37

2014-01-17 11.48.38


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