Compilation of comics for young readers, up to age 15

as compiled by discussions on FB 🙂
Will add to it as we go along.

The Complete Tomorrow Stories by Alan Moore
Alan Moore – Tom Strong
Reggie Lee
Jimi Germ Comics
Major Zombie
Geronimo stilton, asterix obelix
Some of the Gempak Starz series (BM or Mandarin)

Old Disney comics
New disney early reader comics (up to Level 3)
Just about any Golden Age Marvel or DC comics. You know, like in those bumper B&W compilations you can get.
Asterix, Steven Sterk, Lucky Luke, Johan ; Pirlouit, etc. Billy batson and the magic of shazam Teen TItans Year one.
Bone, Doraemon, Smurfs, Tintin and the Wizard of Oz.

Don says:

” all of these are usually categorized as “All-Ages Friendly”, which means the grown-ups can feel free to enjoy them too.

Also, the age bands are based on my own opinion and as parents, you’d obviously know what level of reading your child is currently at, so adjust accordingly.

Anyways, assuming you’re asking specifically for super-hero material, here we go:

5-9 year olds:
1) DC Super Friends – based on the toy line from Mattel (you don’t have to buy the toys to enjoy the stories), this was a kid-friendly comic book title that’s no longer in print, unfortunately. Luckily, the comics have been collected in the following books:…/dp/1401221564…/dp/1401229123…/dp/1401222897…/dp/1401230318

2) Tiny Titans – a brilliant all-ages comic book series based on the Teen Titans characters as playschool kids. Collected in the following volumes (I haven’t listed all 8 volumes here):…/dp/1401220789…/dp/1401223281…/dp/1401223281…/dp/140123173X

3) Superman Family Adventures…/dp/140124050X…/dp/1401244157

7-10 year olds:
1) Green Lantern Animated – based on the cartoon, this is a kid-friendly collection of the ongoing comic book:…/dp/140123819X…/dp/1401243282

2) The All-New Batman Brave & The Bold – based on the cartoon series, this was an awesome kid-friendly version of the classic Batman team-up book. It’s been collected in the following volumes:…/dp/1401232728…/dp/1401228968…/dp/1401231438…/dp/1401238521…/dp/1401235247

3) Young Justice – again, based on the now-cancelled TV series, this is aimed at slightly older kids. Collected as follows:…/dp/1401233570…/dp/1401237487…/dp/1401237487…/dp/1401237487

4) The Incredibles – a comic book series based on the Pixar characters, written by Mark Waid, legendary comic book writer. Iz good comics, collected as follows:…/dp/1934506834…/dp/1608865185…/dp/B005OL9U8S……/dp/1608865835

8-13 year olds:
1) Marvel Adventures Spider-Man – the younger reader friendly adventures of everyone’s favorite wall crawler. Incidentally, the “Marvel Adventures” branding covers other Marvel heroes too and is the designation for the younger reader series. So if you’re on the lookout for kid-friendly Marvel superhero material, look for that branding. Some collections below, but there are a lot of additional volumes I haven’t listed:…/dp/0785117393…/dp/0785119035…/dp/0785141170…/dp/0785123105

2) Showcase Presents collections – these are black and white reprints of classic DC comic books from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, published as nice, thick, phonebook-sized collections. Some material collects horror and war stuff, but a lot of classic, beloved superhero stuff is collected too. Considering the time period this is from, it’s pretty tame by today’s standards, but parents should still select material based on what you think is appropriate for your respective kids:…

3) Marvel Essentials collections – the equivalent black & white, phonebook-sized collections of classic and much-beloved Marvel comic books:…

If you want that expanded beyond superheroes, it’s gonna need a different post.

Super Friends: For Justice! (Super Friends (DC Comics))
The super-hot Mattel Justice League line leaps to the printed page in this all-a… ”


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