[review] Greenroom136 Mission backpack – Part 2

In reference to: Part 1

This is long overdue.

I apologise for the lack of pictures, this time around we were in Singapore for the Singapore Toys Games and Comics Con, so I didn’t have a lot of time to take pix.

We took a bus down with most of our stock, spread over everyone’s luggage, and including the Mission backpack.


1 netbook
Various chargers
notebooks (the old fashioned kind)
Sketchbooks (just slightly larger than A4)-20
Sticker packs (about 100 stickers in one pack)

It was pretty packed to the gills. The weight distribution was pretty good, we didn’t feel the weight of all those books. The shoulder straps were very comfortable.

When it rained later on, it definitely was drier than our original Greenroom bag, which was a good thing.

During the convention, we had packed it with even more books and items (without netbook etc) and got about using public transport.
It worked out really really well, very comfortable, despite the increased weight, for which we were thankful.

One of the boys could also carry it on their shoulders without too much hassle either (or complaining for that matter!) so the weight distribution indeed was awesome!

It’s really cool to see the progression of Greenroom136 products, from the 1st one we bought last year to this year’s new products and the continual pushing of the design envelope (or bags I should say LOL). Nice one, guys!

It is a short review this time, but we were really happy with what we put it through, stuffing it to the brim, lugging it everywhere, tossing it around etc, under convention/travel conditions. Good job guys!


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