Making pancakes for a birthday tea, being helpful & a lesson learned.

Yesterday, the boys made a birthday tea for Auntie K, K’s godma & a sister of my heart. Pancakes with baked bananas (steeped in orange/lemon juice with a dash of honey). Tea with honey and lemon. The boys actually made the pancakes, k’s first time and he was most careful in flipping it over but he was so proud of himself being able to cook like his brothers and doing it himself (under supervision). He does get so competitive with his older brothers and frustrated at the same time, feeling that he doesnt know what they do or do tasks like they can.

Today, we went to Tesco to do some last minute shopping and we were at the spices aisle, looking for Rendang paste, an older lady asked us for help reading the packet as she couldn’t see the small lettering. The twins helped her read it and then asked which one she was looking for and the 3 of them found the curry paste she was looking for, and the price. Later, she came back to us (after putting her items in the trolley) she then interrogated them about their country of origin, what do they want to be when they grow up, why no school, etc etc she was horrified to find that they had no firm idea of future job, k said im only 7+ you know. They were polite and very patient with her though. She had assumed that they were so polite and helpful, therefore they’d be from another country. That is a sad state of affairs if that’s true. It’s not the 1st time though, someone has brought this up (strangers). Then k had to top it off asking me what condoms were while waiting at the counter to purchase things and j1 told him they are to stop folks having babies, but don’t ask him how cos he’s not sure, it’s probably some science thing, but anyway you’re too young. They were like ok! and looked at Wreck it Ralph activity books instead. Ahh.. my boys.. never a dull moment.. .why does this never happen to hubby? Always me. 😛

We had gone to get our tshirt supply for our next M*M print run, and we were discussing the costs of something or another. K said he had hoped that Mama is a billionaire one day so I wouldn’t have so much stress and worry (sniff).. I said well billionaire is a bit much. so he said “whatever amount that will help Mama!” So we had a discussion about how much is too much or is it that important to have THAT much? j2’s view was that we should live in smaller houses or cosy houses cos it’s easier to look after and we;d live longer being together (j2 has random theories, I think I missed some points somewhere).. I told them we are rich in other ways even though we don’t have a lot of money or regular income. J1 said yaaaa, we have family and other people (sorry friends, y’all are “other people”) and we love each other and all that.. some folks just don’t have that.. and k says yaaa and we get to draw and go to comic cons and all that cool stuff too! It was interesting to hear their views and how the money would be nice but oklah, we are happy too 🙂

I guess it’s days like this that you realised that they have absorbed what you’ve taught them, and aren’t repeating it just cos you told them to, they genuinely believe it. There’s still hope in that case 🙂

One keeps on trying!


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