Live life with sassitude. Maintaining that while facing the hard stuff. Can you?

How do you like our new background? 🙂 much nicer than the original glass/drink thing!! 🙂

Shallowness aside, what is the hardest thing I’ve ever done? It should be a list of things, to be honest.

1. Parenting 3 lively monkeys (I mean sons).
2. Trying to be a creative entrepreneur while running a household, unschooling those same monkeys (and giving them more educational options), family, marriage, maintaining creative outlets).
3. Dealing with accounting, taxes, money (or lack thereof).
4. Finding that balance in life, to have things that you do when the kids have moved out, to still be ME.
5. Seeing potential and it’s going to waste (major pet peeve) for whatever reasons, and I have to tell myself to step back and let things be.
6. trying to maintain a garden. 😀 (Yes, I seem to kill plants with ease, I gladly have outsourced garden maintenance to j2!)

When folks say to you “wah, you’re a housewife ah? Must be so free!” or those who call up (and know you work from home) and say “eh? you working ah? but you’re at home” or those who think being your own boss means that you don’t have to work so hard or it’s the easy life all the way or I am a mother/wife only, obviously can’t be a creative entrepreneur or you’re neglecting your kids due to trying to juggle all the many hats I wear..

it has been tempting to say many unprintable things.. Generally I stick to rolling my eyes (inside of course, depending on who I’m talking to) or nodding politely or just smile and change the subject.

I like to tell my boys that you can be many things, like Mama is, it is just many facets to what makes you, you. I can be Mama, wife, entrepreneur, writer, Boss Lady, domestic engineer (with varying results haha). I think everyone is multifaceted (politicians are another story, but let’s not go there 😉 ). It’s what makes people interesting, confusing, different and yet the same.

I don’t blog often, more to post on what the boys are doing (darn you social media instant posts!). Maybe I should write for myself more. Being Boss Lady, Manager, working for clients, thinking up world domination plans (haha), banging the gong for things, being a cheerleader for those you support, being Mama/daughter/wife, is awesome and the craziest roller coaster ride yes, but I need to write/create for me too. I don’t have anyone to draw what scripts I have on the back burner (no, I don’t draw, I even fail at stick men, it’s a hard life living in a houseful of artists & budding artists LOL) but poetry, writing blog posts, maybe that will do for now.

Does this mean that I would want to do that whole “eat pray love” journey thing to “find myself” whilst leaving everyone behind? No. so not my thing. Ok admittedly I’d happily do the eating part 😀 That’s where the Cuddly comes in 😉 But I know who I am, before or after coffee. For better or for worse.

I still believe that you need to live life with sassitude. My favourite saying since I was 12, was Fortune Aids the Brave. I still believe in that, no matter how dark the days, how empty the bank accounts look, how much you worry. There is always a silver lining, even if you need a microscope to see it some days.

I hope that my sons will pick up this thinking as I did from my dad. He always told me that there’s always blessings to be found, and things never are as bad as they seem. As I wrote once, “there is always hope.” 🙂 Partly this retrospective blogpost is because it was a very rough day today and it is my dad’s birthday this weekend, and I hope my boys continue to learn from him (and their dad!) as awesome examples of a good man.

Happy birthday Papa for this weekend. May you live many many years more, healthy, happy and with us!

A poem I wrote for my dad on his 65th birthday way back when:

Our Father

He stands Tall
Not only in height but in integrity
He is loyal, firm yet kind
He is our father.

Smart, handsome
With a calming influence
He taught us the value of filial piety
He taught us how to feel proud of our country and family
He is our father.

He has been a wonderful father
grandfather and father-in-law
Teaching us the worthwhile values and ethics
Much needed in Life.
He gave us the quiet strength he needed to overcome
The many obstacles in life
He is our father.

Although life may have thrown many a trial and tribulation
Towards him
He has shown us the true spirit of a good and honest man
We can easily say with pride and loving hearts
“He is our father!”

Angelia Ong.
On occasion of Dad’s 65th Birthday.
March 29th 2000

We love you Grandpa 🙂



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