Tesco Online shopping and home delivery: our honest opinion.

Earlier this year, I had put my name down on the “interested parties” if Tesco Online/Home Delivery came to our shores.

So when we got a notification that we could now register for the online shopping, I signed up straight away.

The process was relatively simple, name, contact number, delivery address and email (and your Tesco clubcard if you were a member). I received a confirmation email straight away.

So off we went to shop, metaphorically speaking.

We could select from various categories, the fresh produce, household items, health & beauty, some other categories and the sub categories listed further choices, for example, you had vegetables split into root vegetables and so on.

There was pictures (yay!), they did load a little slowly and there were some duplication of images so you weren’t always sure if it is your regular product, and there’s no product description as such.

After making your selections, your items in the cart are listed at the side bar and you can add, remove, ammend up to 10:30pm, the night before delivery, which was useful.

You pay upon delivery (credit card or debit only) and you also get to choose your time slot for delivery.

Actually generally it was pretty straight forward to use, even if you aren’t a regular online shopper. It was pretty fully stocked with the items that we buy from Tesco, I don’t tend to buy fresh produce from there however, but I did this time, just to test it 🙂

On delivery day, the deliveryman went through the list and items in the basket (the kids found this whole process very interesting hehe), explaining which items were either not in stock or offered a replacement, we could choose to accept it or have that taken off our list. Once everything was checked off, only then you will pay. The kids found the truck very interesting, it was split up into different sections, including refridgerated and frozen. The deliveryman was pleasant and helpful so that was good too 🙂

The only real quibble I’d have is too many plastic bags, almost every product was in its own plastic bag (not much doubling up either), We try not to use plastic bags, preferring our re-useable bags, so a better solution for that should be found.

Overall a very good experience. I am not sure how often I’d use this service (we tend not to use credit/debit cards), but it’s good to have this option if we need it!

Where to go: Tesco Online Shopping

Happy shopping!


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