a few older poems-revisited

I realised that I haven’t posted poetry here (darn you social media LOL)

You Will find the Strength

Although times may seem dark and dreary

You will find the strength to go on within yourself.

When life seems on a downward path

When tears seem to fall on a regular basis,

When it seems as if you are alone,

You will find the strength within your self.

When the day seems an uphill battle

When the wrongs seems to be more than the rights

When everyone seems to be against you

You will find the strength within yourself.

When the day seems long and hard

When worries seem to pile up

When fights erupt around you and the world seems uncaring

You will find the strength within yourself.

Strength lies deep within yourself

Pools of resolve which you can draw on

No matter what pain, dramas and battles you will face over the years

You will find the strength to carry on

You don’t have to look far, just within yourself

You will find the strength within yourself.

Angelia Ong
13 Dec 1999

Never Give Up

Although it seems that life throws curveballs more than flowers,

Never give up.

Even when the rain pelts down on what should be your parade,

Never give up.

Even when the bills pile up higher than your ability to pay them,

Never give up.

The clouds may seem to hide the sun, but there is always hope.

Walk with those who are willing to just be there,

Quiet in their support through your pain,

Talk to those who know what you go through.

Lean on those who are willing to stand with you,

Giving you strength when you need it,

Telling you “not to give up”.

For you need not walk alone in those dark days

It is not a failure to accept help when offered,

Especially from those whose sincerity rings true.

It’s not a failure to feel that you are struggling and to admit it,

For those who care, this will not matter,

They will be there, with whatever you need.

Never give up hope.

For there’s a silver lining in the darkness,

It may seem faint or hardly there at all,

But that silver thread of hope and positivity is always there.

It calls out to you to never give up,

to fight through those dark days.

Through the tears, through the losses

It is there in the voices of those who love you, who support you when you need it most

It is there in the precious moments and memories you share,

In laughter, tears and the quietness of just being together,

those blessings you do have but can’t always see

Hold onto that silver thread of hope tightly and never give up.

Angelia Ong

01 Nov 2012

There is always hope

There’s hope in your tears

for with those watery droplets, pain leaves your soul.

There’s hope in those arms

which encircle you, bringing comfort when you need it.

There’s hope in children’s laughter

as they find joy in the world around them.

There’s hope in those quiet moments

Reading your favourite book or comic.

There’s hope in those moments

When you sing songs with your kids.

There’s hope in those times

When a plan comes together better than expected.

There’s hope in sitting on a blanket,

under a tree, a breeze blowing

as you watch the sun beams chase each other through the leaves.

There’s hope in a shared meal with those who care about you

Who understand the hard days and cheer for you on the good days.

There’s hope in watching the smiles of those around you.

There’s hope in writing stories and poems on a rainy day.

There’s hope in tender, squishy kisses from your little men.

There’s hope in those times when he holds your hand

On the days when you struggle to find the light.

There’s hope in those times he says nothing

but quietly places your favourite chocolate bar or that cup of coffee you need on your desk.

There’s hope to be found everywhere in those little things that happen every day

No matter how dark the day, how high those bills pile

How much it seems to be a struggle

There is always hope to hold onto and to carry you through.

For it is hope that sustains the human spirit

Even when there’s no end in sight.

It is hope that carries you over those hurdles.

It is hope that smacks those curveballs life likes to throw at you, far far away.

It is hope that you must grab, hold onto, no matter how dim its light is.

For no matter what happens, there is always hope.

Angelia Ong

01 Nov 2012


Quiet solitude, words floating across the page

Sun beams dancing across your face,

Whispers on a breeze carrying thoughts to you.

Gentle words.











Whispers of words that resonate into your soul.

Whispers that stay still when you are at peace,

And keep the doubts and fears at bay when you are caught in the darkness.

Whispers that speak of memories.

Whispers that are free of reflections

Whispers that catch images of those you love

Like shadows in a candlelit room.

Whispers of your hurt and pain war with those of peace and calm.

All these whispers swirl like storm clouds across the vanishing horizon.

Your spirit is like those storm chasers

Knowing when to be still and just be in awe of the beauty

Knowing when to step away so your heart beats another day.

Whispers of power, strengthening your spirit.

Let the whispers wash over you, opening your soul and spirit

To the amazing things you can achieve.

Connect to those whispers as they shore you up

In those dark days where the storm clouds threaten to win.

Draw strength from those whispers

Wrap them around you like a cocoon,

Like a protective shell.

But do not hide behind them.

Reach out and grab the threads of life,

Weave them into those whispers,

Making them stronger and more powerful.

Whispers within your soul. Hold onto them.

Angelia Ong

01 Nov 2012


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