J2 and the garden. J1 and the neighbour’s dog. K and…

The boys no longer receive an allowance and have to find their way to earning (part of our life skills list).

J1 has found a job walking and caring for a neighbour’s dog, she’s an older dog, very friendly, great with the kids and once she was trained to walk on the leash (by me), it’s becoming a regular part of our routine and he looks forward to it, it’s done wonders for his confidence and concept of responsiblity, we feel. He has expressed interest in becoming a vet so hopefully he can meet and chat to a practising vet to learn more.

j2’s job is to handle the garden (haha our potted chaos rather), he earns RM3 a week, sweep up leaves, water plants, any pruning, re-planting etc. I wanted him (since he says he’s very interested in botany/entho-botany) to have a go (he’s not comfortable with animals like j1 is, so this was a good idea for a job I think), it’s good exercise without requiring athletic skills, and he gets less “geli” by scratches and things. We started this last week plus and this morning he told me (out of the blue) that he’s started keeping a record in his lesson book (we have lesson books for what activities they do and so on), monitoring how the plants are growing(esp the new ones), what he did, whether he watered them etc. Like a botanist should. He did it all on his own! 😀

We are excited as finally the Thai Basil is sprouting new leaves! and the lemon grass too.. Jasmine gave us plenty so we experimented in sticking the stalks into new earth.. the Holy Basil hasn’t shown signs yet, but we will keep trying! He seems quite happy at the moment, although he complains about heatlah, this and that.. it will do him good.

K wants his own job but we’ve told him that we’ve had to think of something for him, we aren’t sure yet, he’s not yet 8.

They attended the science show at this place in Taman Megah, they had an awesome time, asked tons of Questions, did experiments and so on. I think we need to sign up for the Pusat Science Negara family membership, they have cool stuff and workshops there. They also went to a new “leave your kids and go shop” place in IPC, called Blok Space where they can build lego sets, for a per hour basis (RM12 for an hour, other rates also apply, there are membership (or block buying of hours) options if I am not mistaken, check out their FB page!) so we had very happy boys yesterday 🙂

We started on an introduction to Geography and Botany, Don coaches them on their Math, and they have different subjects and methods to go through, I need to teach them how to research and how to filter that, and compile that information into a presentation or summary, but it’s been a good start I think. Each kid has its own learning style so it’s interesting to factor that in, some days are harder than others, especially with work looming etc. I have a more laid back approach to things some of the time, which may not always help 🙂

Trying to find a learning/unschooling routine amongst the craziness of our lives has been a challenge. But seeing their bright faces and soaking up knowledge or asking all manner of questions, it’s a delight (although sometimes the timing of their questions.. hmmm LOL). For K, he needs a group of his peers (or a little bit younger) as we think he feels as the “triplet”, but gets frustrated by not being at the same level as the twins. He can go back to cycling and his crazy leaping about by next week (After having his hernia op almost 3 weeks ago, agony to that active lil man). They are helping out a lot more at home, especially cooking and shopping and we still try to do one on one time with each kid with each parent, they socialise quite well at the park with a variety of kids so that’s good.

I just need to find our groove, our routine, I guess like the others have told me before, it’s a learning curve and we will adjust every so often, but I think they will thrive (some days I do wonder if I am doing the right thing!) in the long term. Trying to juggle everything including our business, has been an interesting journey I must say.

More on their activities later. Yes, I am a terrible blogger haha


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