2012 for the Cuddly Family..

Yes I haven’t been blogging. Too much social media, so I got lazy.

Just to catch up. K is now in standard 1. the Js are in Standard 4. Finally all are in the same location. It sure saves on petrol LOL

D and I are now full time on the business and working from home. Its definitely a roller coaster ride, especially financially. It still feels like the right thing, although some days its harder to find that reason. 🙂 Its also been a learning experience, not only managing our time, business and relationships with each other, kids and those around us.

Projects for 2012 (personal) (in no particular order)

Decluttering the upstairs (its going to take some time haha).

Learn to do more things on our own (together) from cleaning (bleurgh), to ironing to gardening, to food/cooking. Need to reduce our dependency (or mine hehe) on a regular cleaner, save for major spring cleaning. This can be part of a learning experience too 🙂

Improve budget.

Allow the Js to cook under supervision. (eep!)

Exercise to be a part of daily routine.

Teach boys how to cycle without training wheels. (yes, we are late)

Begin Js lessons on managing money.

Help K learn to work though his emotions and control his temper.

Work on our daily routine, especially education-wise and look for alternatives to the govt school system (dont get me started there lol)

Learn to say no to more projects, committees etc

Join a public library.

Join Pusat Sains Negara.

Be more green, use less plastic bags for our frozen food storage and so on. Sort out our rubbish. Recyle/Re-use/refurbish more

These are the projects based on present circumstances. Some will be easier than others, but need to be done nonetheless. There will be days I will falter, for sure, but I think it’s manageable, together 🙂 The hardest is the improving our budget I think. Gotta keep the faith!

I havent included blogging more. 🙂 although I should 😉

Happy new year everyone! May 2012 be a good, healthy year for us all 🙂



3 thoughts on “2012 for the Cuddly Family..

  1. Hi Angelia,

    Wishing you and Cuddly family a very prospoerous Chinese New Year!

    I just read through your post and noticed that you guys are in business. Does that mean Cuddly papa is no longer working on comic art?

    I have just sent him a mail at sheldongoh@gmail.com inquiring about art classes.

    Hope things continue to go well for all of you. *Cuddly hugz*


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