Happiness is…

With all that is happening lately in our country (and elsewhere), you do have to worry a little. Then I realise perhaps among most ordinary malaysians, this is less of an issue. There are idiots, crazies, bigots/fanatics in every part of society everywhere. Can’t do much about them I guess. But they shouldnt be allowed to be the loudest voices or claim to speak for the “majority”. bah!

What I’d like to do is for my kids to experience real Malaysia. Eating here and there, hanging out with like minded people. Like we’ve been doing the last few weeks, just chilling at folks homes, eating, laughing, talking, adults/kids alike watching Bakkum(korean kids animation) and cant stop laughing. We were all from different backgrounds/religions etc but heck, it didnt matter (save for catering considerations hehe). The best things in life are the simple things perhaps.

Yday was another event where we got together to give a surprise party for a friend at another friend’s home. we met new people, giggled, laughed, kids went nuts in the garden (oh man their muddy jeans), ate and ate, it was heartwarming and life affirming. This is the kind of Malaysia I want for my kids. People from wherever, with kindness, happiness and caring, all coming together to eat, laugh, drink a teh tarik or 2 and make happy childhood memories for my kids. Not the siege mentality. Not the communalism that prevails (in many sections). Respect, understanding and consideration. I think it’s possible, definitely. Its there amongst Malaysian society, perhaps this time you may just have to search just that bit harder..

Ok, enough with the heartwarming sap 🙂 Yes it’s monday morning I know LOL Have a great week ahead everyone! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. And that would be 1Malaysia or 1″wherever you’re living”. We live, make merry, and make the most out of all our interactions.

    Good one, Lia.


  2. Didn’t mean to offend …just wondering and more of a query if any of these people would mind having a dog around?

    I am not too sure about Peninsular Malaysian muslims. Most of them will avoid going to houses of hostess owning a dog like a plague.

    Some of my so called acquantances and so called friends already warned me on this matter!!! (Note: I have known some of these people for 10 years or more) They may not come visit me anymore in my KL home because I own a dog now. Surprising these are so called modern muslims who studied and stayed abroad – in fact one or two used to own a dog. Now these idiots are even against using the word ‘ALLAH’ by non-muslims! Not that I will ever miss them coming to my home. But astonishing to find about some peoples true colours.

    Here in East Malaysia, the Malays, Kayans, Kelabits, Chinese, Sikhs, Indians, Iban, Orang Ulu etc. come to our house and play with our little dog. No restrictions whatsoever except for food (preferably halal).

    I know you and your family will be fine with our little fury addition. Nevertheless, thought I may just ask…

  3. Well, some people dont mind so long as they dont touch the dog. We used to have a dog and depending on who, they arent bothered or they just dont touchlah..

    I can understand the above etc its a 2 way street really.
    anyway, if u dont miss them coming over, biarlah. 🙂 Thats the way I look at it. Life is too short and precious to let it get affectd by those who think more narrowly. After all, all are God/allah/whatever u wanna call it creatures kan?

    I used to say we have a dog but we will keep him aside. Most are ok. It really depends. People so takut these days. I know so many muslims dulu who had dogs.. ah well.. biar aje..

    Faz! 🙂 thanks for visiting!! 1Msia is a slogan. This is real Msia 🙂

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