where have I been?

sorry folks.. I’ve been sucked into the social media whirl and rarely update the blog (I’ve been nudged a few times now hehe).

Js have started standard 2 now 🙂 More activities too, with football in school (at last!), swimming, taekwondo, music (I’ve changed to someone who teaches at home and is willing to teach k!), and other classes. I’ve tried to make it so its mostly in the week, leaving wkend afternoons free and easy.. I say free and easy.. it never seems to be that way 🙂

K is finding it harder cos his brothers are playing footie and he’s dying to join in, but he’s gotta get used to it I guess. He’s become such a “tai kor” to the point that we are trying to curb that ‘tude.

Its been up and down thus far but generally the Js are settling into school ok, the work definitely increased, but they are still my bright fellas (with the occasional push to buat kerja hehe).

So much going on all around us, I hardly know where to start. I don’t think my eyes can roll any more, haha!

Anyway, I shall definitely write more, maybe not every day but I’ve promised to do at least once a week 🙂

Now if my brain can wake up, I’ll write a longer piece! 😀

have a good week ahead everyone!


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