I’m very proud of my boys! :)

Half day fasting for me today as we are having iftar with a dear friend, the Js wanted to experience that with someone, since they went thru sahur yday.

The Js managed to fast till lunchtime yday, bless em. They want to try fasting the whole day tomorrow, since there’s no school tomorrow as well. So Mummy will get up and make pancakes for em at sahur (eek! lol k helped me make the batter) and mummy will join em to try a whole day. K and daddy can stay asleep LOL They wanted to experience what their Muslim friends and uncles/aunts experience so I thought it wld be ok. 😀 Its part of Malaysian life so good lah 😀 It will also give em a better understanding of what they go thru and why they do what they do, esp. during Ramadan. 🙂

Im proud of them b/c they want to experience what their friends did and in a positive way. I’m proud of them cos they want to understand what it’s all about, all the unique elements that make up our Malaysianness. Even if they dont finish the day’s fasting, Im just proud of them for wanting to try. They did go to bed later than usual though cos Uncle M came by so I see whether they will get up LOL

Some pix of Our buka puasa/iftar spread: Ayam penyet, jagung, and a whole host of yum. More importantly we had a lovely evening with Uncle M 🙂



3 thoughts on “I’m very proud of my boys! :)

  1. that’s so cool you and your family would like to try fasting..through experience we can relate better to the malaysian culture 🙂 kudos to you and you boys!

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