Fast for the Nation, Peace for Malaysia 2009

The Cuddlyfamily decided to go to the sahur (the before dawnbreak meal that Muslims have before beginning fasting during Ramadan) organised at the Lotus Restaurant, PJ State Cinema, at 5am, on Malaysia Day. (Malaysia was formed in 1963, 16th sept). A group of like minded Malaysians decided that with all the recent events, it was time for all Malaysians to do a little something special to mark Malaysia Day (which is a largely ignored day, save for Sabah. How very wrong). So CuddlyDaddy and I decided to go for the fast. The idea was to do an extra act of kindness (if not more), smile more at those around u and to join our Muslim Malaysians in their RAmadan fast. It was an unbelievable thing, going to this event and seeing the diverse backgrounds, faiths all eating together. My boys were the only ones there. hehe (Mummy woke em up lol). K was feeling rather shy etc but the Js were fine and chatted away. They loved singing the national anthem and couldnt stop talking about the “special breakfast” the whole day LOL I’m very proud of my boys 🙂 It gives me faith that things will get better in our country, it will take time and effort but we have to take these steps now. For our country’s sake.

Cuddlydaddy and I did the “no food, but drink water” fast. It was easier than I thought it wld be, what knocked me out more was the lack of sleep. Getting up at 4am etc was a tough one and even with a nap, it was tough going. I did get light headed nearer the time my usual “get things ready for dinner time” but I had stuck it out (even without water after lunchtime) till the kids dinner time. We “buka” together and we clinked our glasses to wish each other and all those around us (who looked at us rather in shock lol) a Happy Malaysia Day 🙂 CuddlyDaddy did so well and lasted till buka puasa time at 7:15pm. The kids enjoyed this (Js lasted till lunchtime, k’s too young) and its something that will mark Malaysia day for them. They’d like to make it a tradition, something special. I kinda like that idea. 🙂

Happy Malaysia Day all! 🙂

here are the videos, reports etc from that time 🙂 – K enjoying dessert. his clothes 2 – Mmm dinnner for k – Mmmm cheese – J1 dins – J2 wt his dins. – Mmmm bread.. – Thejs waiting to order our ‘buka fast for nation’ meal.

peace4msiawas moved by the young boys who showed up for the MSIA Day Morning Meal to join Fast4Peace Look into their eyes!
see: 4:32, 4:33, 5:06, 5:08, 5:18

The boys got up and are waiting for brekkie at Lotus – Fast for the Nation, Peace for Malaysia sahur no:1 – Fast for the Nation, Peace for Malaysia sahur, pix no:2
A view of part of the table at Lotus


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