Where have I been??

Life has been hectic yes. I’ve also gotten lazy in scribbling at my blog. Social media junkieness has meant that most of my updates go that way 😛

Js are doing ok. J1’s lost more teeth (he’s in a hurry to grow up that 1 hehe). j2’s upper teeth have finally grown in and more loose ones on the way. they are doing ok in school, muddling along I guess. We celebrated their bday in Petrosains 🙂 Was fun! Tiring but fun! Im getting them to help more and more around the home. Our part time helper will be returning to Cambodia next year so I’m gng to have to get used to not having one around or just a once a week clean/iron from someone. So since they are supposed to be earning allowances, they can learn how to be more “domestic” and how to help etc and how much work is involved etc. Perhaps they will learn to appreciate things more. Having had to scale back as well, they are learning about finances and how to manage or do without etc. Good training for momma too.

K has been very difficult of late, his tantrums and behaviour has reached unexpected proportions. D and I went away on our own for our 10th wedding anniversary, the Js were at Min’s and K was with Su. He had no prob right up till that night. In the end, he was brought to stay with us sigh. Since then he’s been tantruming, pouting, clingy, needy and just plain ridiculous.

More so to me. I cant even go out and fill up the car, before he pitches a fit. We thought we were working thru it, but lately it’s gotten worse. Its been a while since the sleepover wkend but its reaching a point where we cant go out anywhere cos u never know what will trigger him off. Like yday, I barely could eat lunch cos he pitched a fit cos he didnt like the place. The Js made casual small talk (bless em) while I had to hold k down cos he kept trying to leave the restr. Then the last few nights, SCREAMING, kicking yelling. refusing to go to bed. I made the mistake of cuddling him to sleep. So the next night he thought he cld do it again. This time I said no, we did our gnite ritual and I left the room. He tried to sneak out 2x. I was waiting outside the door with the rotan. He hurriedly went bakc to bed. It doesnt help that the Js have been coming out of the room or they mess about etc.

I never used to have too much headache with him, I cld go out, etc and he’d be ok, and now.. sigh.. We’ve been babysitting a lot so I dont know.. He’s got a mix of anxiety, jealousy and anger issues all thrown into 1. Im still searching for a more workable solution.

This morning was the worst yet. It took both CuddlyDaddy and myself to get him to school today, he’s absolutely refusing to go to school, esp on Wed when he has to stay back. I really dont know. sigh

I guess Im trying a mix of different “techniques” and ideas. Something has gotta break this cycle of tantrums. I could tell myself it’s a phase but I wanna find out the root causes etc the best I can..

Otherwise we plod on 🙂


3 thoughts on “Where have I been??

  1. Oh….poor K…..did you prime him before sending him off to Su’s? He’s probably feeling very insecure right now. Lots of hugs and kisses and lots of reassuring may help shake him out of this zone. Kids have different personalities and Tee was like that. If I played hardball with her, she’d switch and go the other way. She always needed to be reasoned with and given lots of TLC, not the strict approach. Yet, I’ve seen how other kids thrive with other approaches so maybe K is just very sensitive at heart 🙂

  2. He knew well ahead of time. He even packed his bag. Had a loverly time in the day. Then turned into lil monster.

    Soft approach hasnt worked with him. He’s a little thug LOL So we are trying a mix of soft/tough love. See how. He’s gotta get over it though.

    We working with teachers etc.

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