quick note

Im shocked and saddened abt what’s happening in my country today. It’s my homeland, my children’s. What kind of future are we leaving for them? How much more will the apathetic rakyat take? It’s only been 100days plus, what on earth will happen before GE13, will we get a chance to vote ya think? sigh.

(takes a deep breath). quick note on more positive news. K’s sleeping by himself (as in going to sleep), bless him, only took a day of struggle and screaming. After that no issue! thank goodness. J1’s lost more teeth! (that boy ah). J2’s toothies finally coming out, whew.

ITs been really hectic and crazy of late (yes yes I know AGAIN). Blog more soon. Got to take crankypants k to school now.


One thought on “quick note

  1. Yeah I know how you feel.

    Of late I’ve been having this nagging sensation that things are really starting to fall apart here.

    Really don’t know what to think some times.

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