am blogging from my phone. No, it’s not a iphone lol cant afford 1, dont want 1. 😛

1 of my projects for later dis year:increasing my herb/spice garden. My pandan, aloe vera and basil surviving and thriving hehe. I dont have a lot of room but i can manage a few more pots. Easy care really. I shall plan it carefully, 1 pot etc a month. i’d like to go those stands, like in a row/bench, so i can have more plants, neatly. Any suggestions for a good nursery and to get that stuff?

Meeting a couple of friends later after i take k to school. Shld be fun! Hehe


4 thoughts on “testing

  1. Well…the ones in Sungai Buloh are always recommended….seems they are cheaper!! Happy Planting…going to do something about my ‘garden’ as well!

  2. Eh… ask from some friends-laa. No need to go n ursery. I’m sure ladies at the PTA and your BURA could contribute.

    Would you be interested in some mint and chili padi?
    Can bring you a sapling when we meet next. 🙂
    Must get from my mum’s.

  3. I can ask the plants etc from friends.. but I’ve got nothing to put them in hehe. I want those bench things so I can have more!!! 😀

    yes please reg: mint and chilli paid (that 1 hubby be happy 😉

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