Today’s adventure

As I mentioned in the previous post, we went off to Js’s classmate’s bday party.

We found the place ok and a space to park. It was a big house and grounds! Apparently it was the grandparents place but wow..

At the door, the boys got this sun visor thing (I must upload pix from phone) where u can have sunglasses glide down after pushing a lever as well as a solar operated fan hidden in the visor. Canggih kan? And that was just at the door gift. It was a beach themed party so they were dressed accordingly 🙂

There was a pool in the backyard (a real pool, not like my “pool” hehe) and a clown on stilts, face painting, crafts, a magician, games by an entertainer etc.Even a treasure hunt too.2 sand pits. A big spread etc. It was an epic party! The kids had a great time.

later on, the kids went into the pool. K wasnt prepared for the sudden slope of the floor and almost went under. he can swim of sorts anyway so he was trying so hard to paddle over back to the steps, but he was panicking, his face was just above water so he wasn’t drowning as such but still a worry. I was empting my pockets (darn all these gadgets and things!) aiming to get into water to help him, j2 was nearby, I yelled at him to go get his brother. I had to yell twice (so noisy mah) and k kept trying to swim onwards. so j2 managed to grab his brother and drag him to the steps and another boy came to help too. Poor k cried and cried. so I soothed him a while and then made him go back in. just around the steps (which were my instructions in the first place). I told him “I dont want u to be afraid of the water, I want you to understand the rules, whether you can swim a bit or not. Even mummy who can swim well follows the rules”. So slowly he went to play a bit nearer the steps, after initial panic and whimper. So I (evil mum that I am) carried him in as far I could (luckily wearing shorts lol). He was ok for a bit (one of the other boys offered to jaga him and take him in) but k had had enough. So not wanting to push my luck either, I went to get his towel, he followed me. He’s ok now, none the worse for wear. I was glad I wasn’t a panicked mum either and stood there and j2 was nearby (he was very proud that he rescued his brother). Darn those gadgets. had to empty pockets! Anyway we stopped talking about it anymore once the initial excitement (and they had to tell daddy and grandparents) was over. So he’s not dwelling on it.

after swimming, he soon settled back down to enjoy party, he ate very well (5 small roti canais, several pieces of chicken, jelly). and he enjoyed his mini treasure chest (its wooden and veyr nice) from treasure hunt and gathering all the goodies from that.

The boys got a picture frame (Big one) with an instant picture from the day of all the guests! Wow. They had so much stuff to bring back. It certainly was an epic party! In many ways Im so glad Im not a kiasu mum, I can’t compete LOL

Im glad they had a great time and I will make sure k swims more and isn’t afraid. He tries not to be, he told grandpa that Im only a bit afraid of the water now, i still want to swim. so whew! 🙂

We are all a little sunburnt but happy. I took only a few pix , busy trying to watch kiddies. I dont know how the parents just sit there, not watching their toddlers, esp near a big pool like that. I can’t blame the toddlers, they were attracted to the balloons and balls floating in the pool, another kid had fallen face first in, his big sister grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him out. And he kept going back, in the end, I took him back to the parents and said he keeps trying to go back in and he nearly fell in again. so they took more care after that. I asked one of the older boys to keep an eye on another toddler whose parents didnt even notice where he was! I was saying to d, I didnt want to seem like a worry wart parent (and Im not generally) but around water etc, geez. Like D says “it must be very liberating to be brainless and not think of these things.” LOL I love that statement tho.

Luckily I stayed behind for the party, I dont always but being an unfamilar parent/house and with k, I thought might be best. Am glad I did. Anyway it worked out fine, d got peace to work and the kids had a blast.

we took two boys back (they go to the same school) as I recognised one (and rang the mum to offer to take em back). so the boys enjoyed that. 5 boys in the car again. We sang michael jackson songs on the way back LOL I guess they’ve all been innundated with MJ songs with all the tributes etc and I dont mind 🙂 It was quite jolly.

the kids went to bed pretty quick, j2 had another anxiety attack, this time cos a teacher said they didnt have name tags (I dont have enough for a shirt for each day of the week and I can’t order any more either). So I told j2 I will make sure that on a wed and mon we have shirts with name tags. but otherwise you tell the teacher that mum couldnt get to order any more name tags and thats how it is. If they have an issue with it, ask them to write me a letter instead. 🙂 He’s gotta to stop these anxiety attacks, esp at BEDTIME. sigh.

we havent printed out the stuff to show the teacher yet. Since he was marked wrong for saying tomato is a fruit and he also argued with her that he read it in encyclopedias, on documentaries, cooking shows and mums cook books! She said its part of salads. he argued but you can have fruits in salad, not just vegetables! Sigh. So I think we shall choose something, print it out, and kindly pass it to the teacher for their FYI 🙂 not wanting to make my kids be disrespectful of what a teacher teaches but still. If they know something is wrong, they should be able to prove it, no?

I guess it’s going to be something they will have to get used to in school. Im trying to prepare them for that but also not to discount teachers entirely. Oh well, they keeping me on my toes I guess. I must blog another day reg: what I learnt today from convos with parents of kids in sec school.

Well, two updates in a day, epic given my recent record! 🙂

Time for my own post party recovery, Im not even the involved parent LOL Have a great wk ahead all!


5 thoughts on “Today’s adventure

  1. Ooossshh….what happened to k happened to me as well. Will blog about that memory one day. I actually passed out in the water!

    k was brave and you were braver and did the right thing. Good for J2 too!

    And I love the statement D made as well. I intensely ‘feel’ for parents who dont mind their kids especially in dangerous areas. Don’t they know the “what ifs”….

    Loved reading the udpates. Can imagine the singing of 5 kids….

    Epic party indeed. Glad we can enjoy without picking faults to bring down, or raking ideas to be better! Epic indeed! Looking forward to the pics!

  2. ooo now that must have been scary for you and your parents!

    🙂 thank u dear. I guess it helps being an ex swimmer, although u wouldnt think it to look at me now 😉

    yeah man, the epic party was something else 🙂

    the singing was fun 😀 trying to expose my boys to all sorts of music, not just the Disney factory ya know?

  3. Oh, and adventure for/with K indeed!1
    I think I would have panicked and yelled for hubby to jump in, or if he’s not near by I would have. hahaha…

    I am glad K is ok with swimming still very brave of him. And yes, hurrah for J2.

    Glad all worked out well for the whole family.

  4. This is why I would like my kids to learn how to swim the soonest.

    I too had an incident in the late 70’s at the Gurney Pool (man, with the recent “revelation” of how many MJ songs I know, and now this, I am really showing my age!). I went swimming with my siblings and a cousin, and jumped in a little too far from the shallow end. Struggled bobbing head, my cousin, who also couldn’t really swim, paddled over to help me thinking since (he thought!) he was taller he could still stand. I just climbed all over him effectively “drowning” him too! Eventually I paddled to the side and recovered myself. My cousin couldn’t stop complaining after that, obviously!

    My sister once told me that she and her kids attended a similar party like yours, in Singapore. A kid was drowning, and they pulled the limp kid out of the water. His mother was super-level headed, performed CPR and revived the kid, did everything methodically by the book, never panicked. It really made me want to revise my basic training or even fine-tune it, cos you never know….

  5. thanks all.

    swimming is important, dont expect “champion” but enough to know what to do.

    I need to re-learn all my lifesaving/cpr. old alreayd, forgotten.. I know how to where we can organise the course.

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