The long silence

I’m sorry people. I’ve been neglecting this blog.

Back from bali, sick kids, I haven’t even edited the pix as yet. Just trying to catch up with the whirlwind that seem to be my life. Short tweets or FB updates is about all I could managed.

I’ve taken stock of things and am aiming to now get back on track. Get our finances in order, get our biz expanding without getting us homeless hehe Time for the kids, decluttering, all manner of “stuff”.

J2 learned today how to work on his anxiety attacks. He had gotten worried over a recent accident at school (he’s not hurt), someone tripped up one kid, who fell against j2 who fell against someone else. the kid who was at the bottom of this “pile” hit the ground face down. They were worried at first he had broken his nose but it turned out to be just bruised and lots of scratches.

Teasing and kids accusing j2 of making kid A fall. That got to him, cos he’s a sensitive kid and empathetic and all that blood on kid A’s face freaked him out. Nightmares and crying on Fri. mon he panicked cos some kid had told him Kid A will come back and whack him cos it was his fault. Kid A was not in school on mon though.

When he did come back to school, he went up to j2. j2 hurriedly explained the situation etc saying its not his fault etc. Kid A said it was ok, he understood and left it at that. J2 couldnt stomach seeing his injuries tho. We got a call from the teacher saying j2 was sick. D went over. eventually we realised that it was more the fear etc. we let him rest at home (not got a lot of sleep worrying I guess). This morning, another anxiety attack cos he’s freaked over Kid A’s injuries. After long talks etc with us, we told him he has to face it. you can’t hide forever and you can’t stop having accidents. Sometimes it happens. After calming down, he said he’s gng to face it and go to school.

He bravely got ready, hands shaking and said “It’s just a normal day isn’t it Mum/Dad?”. He offered to take a biscuit for Kid A to share at recess. And he took a deepbreath before walking into the school compound. that’s my brave boy.

Im very proud of him. It’s not easy facing your fears, esp someone who gets as anxious as j2 and he sucked it up and met it full on. Good lad!!

Otherwise, we moving along. Some repair work to the office and then gotta clean up that mess and move things around. Then it’s full on getting our household finances back on track and then biz expansion plans etc. Sounds good eh? It’s going to be uphill, Ive been bad at budgets and keeping on top of things etc.

I may not be able to update as often (haha like I’ve been good so far). Ann, MoomyKin and DaddeeYeh, loved reading your stories etc. (and Mumsgather too!).

I’ll get to editing the pix real soon 🙂 Going to see a play with MamaMin this week and babysitting for the other 2 Ks. over the wkend.

Hope all is well with everyone.



8 thoughts on “The long silence

  1. Hey, I’m going too! The Good Body, right? Hope to see you there! You may not recognise me but lookout for a short apple – yup, that sounds about right.

  2. J2’s story really makes me want to hug him. Brave boy indeed. reckon he will make a good bf and husband! 🙂 And what a role you played….inspires me to do better!

    Waiting to read/see your Bali trip. Should add you on Facebook.

  3. add me on FB, Ann 🙂 thanks dear. so proud of him. but he’s got to do his chores, good or not LOL

    oh cool, patsy, try and holler at ya. Still not popped yet huh?

  4. It’s always hard coming back to “normal” after a holiday, especially with kids!!

    J2: Oh, poor sweety. Glad he’s much better now.

    Mommy, you and D did a great job at that. Bravo!!

  5. thanks dear. He’s just so full of anxiety, even now he panicked about finishing homework, whether this sat class he has to wear uniform or sports gear. EEEEE… hardly slept, which means mummy hardly slept too. grr.

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