So whats been going on?

j1: Are you taller than dad, mum? Mum: No. J2: But you’re smarter right mum? (hehe)

When walking in a mall (where else do u walk these days), all three boys clung to me and not CuddlyDaddy so I said “why do you have to all cling to me?!” j2 says: ‘because we love you mum”.

haha. my boys ah.. We are doing ok, plodding along in this heat, humidity and crazy life we seem to live in. The boys are ok at school, k had such a blast at his birthday party, can’t believe he’s now 4 and it’s almost May! where has the time gone?

Haven’t been updating blogs but I try lor.

hope y’all are well 🙂


4 thoughts on “So whats been going on?

  1. K is almost 4?? So fast…..

    The heat is crazy…really….drink loads of water and take it easy! 3 boys giving you more heat than you can bear!

  2. No blogging much coz busy tweeting, eh?

    Include a tweet-feed on the side bar-laa, like what Hubby did for me, then at least others can see a bit more of your daily adventures. Hahaha…

    Glad to know K enjoyed his party,

  3. haha I didnt post much before that of late..

    nolah.. dont want a tweet feed 🙂 I think I may blog once a week 😀

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