she was home. Then she went back in twice now. Minor tweaks. It would be nice if the insurance panel workshop had more dedication towards their work, or even pride in work instead of a anyoldhow ‘tude. sigh. Hopefully after this week (she should be back today again), there will be no more of this crap other than normal wear/tear servicing. sigh.

The Js did well on their first exams. Very pleased with them. They tried their very best and excelled too. J1 does have to improve his writing lol

I have five mad monkeys in my house right now LOL sudah biasalah.


4 thoughts on “CuddlyBus

  1. oh…5 mad monkeys and just a shrug?
    Reminds me of the 3 monekys all rolled into YOU! No eye see. no ear hear, no mouth SCOLD !

  2. lol after the 3rd kid, any other noises.. well I learnt to be deaf? LOL Once the 2year old quit being grumpy and slept, it was ok. the kids have a playroom, if you close one eye, its fine 😀

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