quick update

PGL was so much fun! Mum and I enjoyed ourselves, despite my shoe b.c unstuck (fortunately I had another pair in the car hehe). Didnt get to catch up with ida but it was so cool watching the performance.

The CuddlyBus is still in the workshop! Sigh.

The Js did fine in school exams (their first), j2 has lost his two upper teeth. K is now reading ladybird book 2a pretty well, he’s taken to spelling every word he says and wanting to know all that. Good 🙂 He’s also asked to practise his writing alphabet letters.

It’s the school hols now. I just can’t wait for my CuddlyBus to come back, it’s ridiculous the amount of delays/red tape etc being thrown at us. Sigh. I miss it so much! Its very hard giving up my freedom of movement. The Parents and Su have been such tremendous help!

That’s a basic summary of what’s been happening I guess. I should blog more often but haven’t found the time/motivation haha


7 thoughts on “quick update

  1. Ooohhh….your Cuddlybus sure is taking too long….

    But the 2 elder boys are doing great….
    And K is also learning fast! Did you get the whole series of ladybird for him? It sure costs a bomb these days!

    By the way, hope over my blog…want your opinion on my latest entry.

  2. ann, I had got some for the twins, didnt get anything new for him hahaha.. not the whole series.. just the earlier ones, pick and choose lor. He also learns it in school.

    I suggest you try the 2nd hand book shops. they have quite a stock:) I will hop over! 🙂

  3. Ser: no. Not safe with kids sigh. When my parents are about, they help as well as my friend Su. They’ve been tremendous. It’s just more frustrating juggling all the transport arrangements and I have less freedom of movement ya know?

  4. Well, hang-in there…I am sure the cuddlybus will be back in no time.

    Btw. I really admire the way you deal with all these little/big hiccups, kids in tow and our poor transportation…Glad that your parents and Su are of some help.

    I have been without a car for a whole one week and I thought that was bad enough (especially I have to juggle my time between KL & Miri). Oh well…story for another day.

  5. thank you darlings 🙂 The CuddlyBus is back (came back sat night) but is going back again today, minor tweaks but this time Im sending to MY mechanic. That other workshop has absoluately zero pride in work and def dont do a good job. sigh.

    Aww shucks, thanks Ser 🙂 It’s frustrating being car less isnt it 🙂

    Kin, the 3Ms keeping you busy 🙂

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