Talk about it tomorrow

Im really sad that Eli Wong has decided to maintain her stand to resign completely (she does deserve the hols).. but what angers me most of all was that the declaration by many newspapers etc to continue to hound her and publish what pix/video clips that was taken of her.

Talk about victimisation! What about the guys who took those pix/videos (if got video)? Why is the victim being blamed? This is ridiculous.

To me if she resigns, then those bastards who instigated this have won.. But on the other hand, this assault and vendetta cant be easy to deal with, very traumatic.

It’s sick. It really is. Declaring a vendetta is just not journalism, the worst kind of behaviour.

What is happening to our country? We get compared to poorer african countries to make our policies sound more “palatable”. Bollocks.

I shall talk about PGL etc tomorrow. Im just not in the mood today.


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