Nat Tan’s commentary

Eli Wong’s offer to resign = admission of guilt? Pressured by party?
Posted on February 17th, 2009 by Nathaniel Tan

I’m sure those are big questions, to the middle ground.

I managed to stop by the PC at PKR HQ this morning. Having heard what everyone had to say (a substantial amount), here is my reading of this ’scandal.’

Everyone agrees that Eli is great – her constituents love her to death, her work as an Exco universally lauded, and her record as an activist stellar.

Everyone also seems to agree on her innocence – that she is a victim in this matter.

All that said, her resignation must come as a bit of a surprise.

I suppose it would, unless you really knew Eli.

As reflected in her eloquent statement, I think the consensus reached was that this could drag on for days, weeks and months. The actions of the unscrupulous excuse for a human being that exposed these pictures are unpredictable, there is no telling what more concoctions and attacks there are to come.

Fighting this battle, as many have stated, is not an impossibility, by any means.

Only someone of Eli’s magnaminity, humility, and generosity of spirit would be willing to temporarily sacrifice her own political career, and even face shameless accusers who will consider this an admission of guilt, to save the movement for a better Malaysia from being bogged down in the gutter politics of a lurid scandal.

I greatly admire her willingness to throw the spotlight away from herself, no matter how spotless she is, and back unto the rakyat – whose will will clearly be shown in the event of a Bukit Lanjan by-election.

Everyone, including and especially PKR, stands by Eli’s statement that she has done nothing wrong, and has nothing to be ashamed of.

I think you have seen and will see more of statements indicating the party’s pride in Eli’s record and performance; her loss as a result of such deplorable attacks would be a widely felt tragedy.

If her resignation is accepted, I can only imagine that it is in the same spirit in which Eli offered it.

I know many people will be disappointed and angry – who wouldn’t be? Whatever happens, Eli’s selflessness in this injustice will never be forgotten.


I’d also like to write a few words of personal testimony, having known Eli for a number of years now.

Her consistency, acumen as a politician and activist, as well as her charm and good cheer have ever been a source of delight. I’m happy to consider her an old friend, and a comrade who has paved the way for us (only just slightly) younger ones.

She was there to help my family and loved ones through my incarceration (I just noticed she still has my poster on her blog, bless her), she was also there when I basically first made the leap into politics. Ah, happier days…

Well, Eli has soldiered on for years now, without her fancy positions and titles, so I have no doubt she will continue on, strong as ever! (maybe after a short, super well deserved holiday, if she decides to take one! 🙂


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