Cuddly Daddy and my letters.

From me:
Dear YAB Tan Sri Khalid,

I’m writing to you as a resident in Bandar Utama, under Elizabeth Wong’s jurisdiction. She has been an exemplary ADUN with a humble approach and definitely has the rakyat’s interest at heart. I feel that the way she has been victimised and pressured is completely unacceptable.

Over the last 11 months, I have seen changes in the way things are done, much to Elizabeth’s credit. She has been earnest and hardworking. It is hard to find a public servant these days with such qualities and she has definitely earned our respect.

I urge you to encourage her to reconsider her offer to resign from her posts. We need more people like her within our government, whether state or federal.

It is our heartfelt wishes that Elizabeth remains as our ADUN.

Thank you.

From Cuddly Daddy:


Dear sir,

I am writing to you as a resident of Selangor and as a husband and
father living in this state, the state you LEAD. I am *NOT* writing to
you as a member of any political party, organization, association,
race or religion.

I am appalled that my State Assembly representative Elizabeth Wong
has, in recent days, been made the victim of a despicable, vindictive
and unscrupulous campaign of discreditation. I am saddened and angered
by her offer to resign this morning.

I am not a political animal, so you will have to forgive my
forthrightness. Couching my thoughts in doublespeak and innuendo is
not a strong point of mine. Last March, I voted for Elizabeth Wong
(the first time I have ever felt I *needed* to vote in my 36 years)
mainly out of desperation. Like many others, I have grown increasingly
concerned with the way the BN-led government is running this country
and I fear for the country that my children will inherit. That
Elizabeth Wong was a candidate who was smart, articulate, an activist
and a blogger were all icing on the cake and made voting for her even
more of a no-brainer for me.

In the months since that voting day, it has been a real pleasure for
me to discover that Elizabeth Wong is also a great representative for
us, the people who voted her into office. She is committed, dilligent
and has a concern for her consituents that is not only heartfelt, but
also very real. By all accounts, she has done more for the residents
of Bandar Utama (where I live, work and VOTE) in her few months in
office than was done in the years we had a BN person representing us.
The support she now has among my friends and neighbors in this area is
very real and is well-deserved and definitely well-earned.

And now she has offered her resignation for this incident in which she
is the victim. It is not fair and it is not right. And I have heard
rumours and innuendo about things that may or may not be true about
why she would do this. It is obvious that it is politically motivated.

I don’t know who has the power to reject her resignation. But if I
were a betting man, my money would be on you. And so against my better
judgement and my all-too cynical mind, I am writing to you to ask you
to reject her resignation. And in doing so, reject the disgusting game
being played here. Stand up and show us that you really do represent
*US*, the people who voted you into office. The people who voted *HER*
into office. I understand the concern your party leaders have about
the effects this would have on the upcoming by-elections in the other
states. To them, I say do what is RIGHT. The people will know. The
people see and the people will know.

Again, one last appeal. Reject her resignation if it is in your power
to do so. And let her get back to doing her good work, working with us
to make better lives for ourselves. Let us get on with the living and
the doing and the working. Because in the end, that is what the people
want and care about. And leave the political shadow play alone.

Thank you for your time. May your wisdom prevail and may you do the right thing.



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