I think this is so wrong!

Im sure a few people would like to meet that moron who took Elizabeth Wong’s pictures (our ADUN) while she was asleep and sold it to the newspapers. The timing of it seems very suspicious as well. It’s an invasion of privacy etc.

then Mr. Khir Toyo said she must quit etc (see: http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/98371) and compares this case to Chua SL’s situation, saying PKR has no moral value etc (which is rich coming from Bee Nnn fellas).

This is nothing like CSL’s case, cos hallo?? He was screwing around on his wife. Not only that, he just shrugged off it. At least he has the balls to quit (no pun intended hehe). In EW’s situation, it was taken by a ex-bf while she was asleep. That’s just mean, nasty. It wasn’t her intention. It’s not against the law to sleep in the nude I dont think.

wtf?1 Just when the Selangor state govt is going to bid for taking back the water company from the private one. (ok the english is bad in that sentence haha). Just when the stupidity in Perak happened.

The MM had no right to put that kind of pix up either. Im sick of all this.

The economy is on the downturn, things are going to get real tough around here. And all that they care about is lining own packets, taking back states, regardless of what the rakyat wanted.

I sincerely hope that Bee Nnn gets their butts kicked in the two by-elections.

Sigh. I feel sorry for Elizabeth. HOw horrible for her. As you well know, the police prob wont give a dang anyway, take the report and ignore it.


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