Update on the car

Dad’s better, urine clear, kidney seems to be healing well and bone coming along nicely. He can resume moderate activity, including driving but still take it easy etc. Thank goodness!

The Cuddly Bus will take 2 weeks (or so) to repair (waahhh). The workshop will help us settle everything with the insurance company etc. I’ve got to pay the compound too. One of these days! Luckily there’s a booth at the curve.

Pening lah (headache). I miss my car a lot. I guess its the freedom of movement and independence I miss more and I can’t help my folks as much as I’d like either.


2 thoughts on “Update on the car

  1. Glad to hear that your father is better.

    It sure is stressful when we have to deal with such inconveniences – the compound, waiting for repairs, doing without our wheels of mobility in the city.

    Hang in there, darling. The clouds will lift soon.

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