Sickening.. really sickening

Im just sick sick sick of the whole politicians load of crap. What’s happening in Perak shows you how little they regard the rakyat lah. We voted, )@#$) wads. It’s not your little playground for you to rape, pillage and stomp all over.

The whole thing just reeks. They screwed us over again. I have to swear.. bunch of fackers lah.

Well let’s see what the sultan says or does. This is the test. It really makes me angry about how they belittle us, screw us over etc. Economic stimulus package?? what economic stimulus package.



One thought on “Sickening.. really sickening

  1. And because of this everytime I mention I am from Ipoh, I make people’s blood boil!

    Although I was born in Penang where some sort of decency still exists!


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