Two are back in school!

The Js are back in school now. We were a bit slow to rise and shine today, so it was a mad dash to school.Luckily we live nearby lol

K has no school today (FT day!) so he’s feeling quite jolly! We have a creative meeting later this morning so he gets to go to his fav playplace for a while 🙂 Have to head over to the workshop to see reg: the status of my car and repairs and costs etc this morning before we head to the meeting..

I feel slightly overwhelmed with what work and things I have to do.. I guess I feel this way cos we’ve had to juggle transport and family and all manner of things. On the one hand, it’s been great to have CuddlyDaddy at home with us, helping out etc and it’s been great to see the projects and enquiries and potential work start coming in.. On the other, EEK!

Having one car between the family feels kinda odd, Im sure it’s feasible but I think I have to admit that I can’t do without my car 😀

Anyway, time to get things together. I can see how CuddlyDaddy and I can work from home together, with some careful scheduling and taking turns with work. Thank goodness for school I say! 🙂


One thought on “Two are back in school!

  1. We have been late for school since the boys started on Tuesday.

    Well, not so late, but late nonetheless.

    At least Max is doing well, and no tears!!
    Wah, we are all so proud of him!

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