The kids and lion dances

When the hols are over, I shall post up the pix of the kids doing their own “lion dance”. They have their mini lion dance head gear thingy that I got from tesco’s last year and this year I got them a mini version of the drum. So they’ve been practising hard at it, watching whichever lion dances they’ve seen and “trying” to imitate within their own abilities. It’s so cool! I need to figure out how to transfer my data from my vidcam to my pc etc. then you can see the fun for yourself. (and mummy’s bad vidcam taking lol).

Oh I forgot to mention in the previous posting that the kids dont know of the “bang”. they think my car’s just gone in for a repair only and grandpa’s just feeling under the weather. Its prob for the best cos it would only worry them unnecessarily, esp if we go out at night or by ourselves or something, they’d be worrying about us.


2 thoughts on “The kids and lion dances

  1. I think my boy will probably also show an interest in lion dances, when he is a little older than 1year old!

    Somehow boys like this action about it. I remember even when I was in primary school me and another boy were practising the drum playing; tapping on our desks to the set rhythm typical of lion dances.

  2. Well, your girl can also enjoy it 🙂 I used to LOVE lion dances as a kid (still do I guess hehe).. Kids love things where they can make noise and play act and when those around them love to watch them.

    I heard Kin and kampung went to visit you on sat 🙂 It be nice to meet you haha, oh, are you on FB or something?

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