Gong Xi Fa Chai

Happy Lunar New year all and sundry! May the year of the Ox bring you joy, happiness, health, wealth, safety and no car accidents.

enough said. Rest assured, despite the “bang” ending of Day 1 of CNY, we are ok, Dad’s resting comfortable (cracked rib, slight tear in kidney etc) and he’ll be all healed up (provided he rests a lot and not “carry” or bend too much). Now for the rigmarole and headache of car repairs and the like. No kids were in the car. I’d post pictures but heck, that will be too depressing, no main structural damage lah, thankfully. Have to wait for the mechanics to be back from CNY break.

Oh well, these things can’t be helped in many ways, main thing is dad is ok, mum was ok and I was ok. the other party seemed ok, albeit in shock. I dont wanna go into details right now.

Im still positive for the year. I’m still going to be driving like I always do, I don’t take unnecessary risks anyway, esp with kids in the car etc.

Gong xi Fa Chai all! I’m looking forward to the year ahead 🙂


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