today’s imagination game

J1, k and I were playing restaurants. j2 is finishing up his homework.

J1 brought me his “menu” (a comic), a notepad and pencil. He proceeded to suggest meals etc. Later after a very delicious “meal”, he recommended the set dessert (goreng pisang-fried bananas). I said “oh I don’t know if I’m too full for dessert.” He then said “but if you ordered the set dessert, you’ll get 20% off the retail price! ” ( I had to smile here! lol)

So of course I had to have that! It’s so funny listening to them copy what they’ve heard and seen in other places (restaurants etc). J1 later announced that j2 had won the daily lucky draw, which is to be a waiter! J2 just said “I’m doing homework.” LOL

k is faithfully writing in his little notebook now, babbling away to himself about how we could use apple in this. Maybe some honey and banana over there. Like he’s writing recipes haha Although any writing is at the moment just plain lines or sticks. LOL

My only gripe with this restaurant thing is they actually keep tearing the pages off the notebooks and I end up with paper all over the floor HAHA

Although today’s drama has meant that monkey has been removed (acc to j1, she’s gone to stay with her mother and stepfather ??!!), I;m really not sure our lessons are getting through. sigh. Have to keep trying I guess.

The restaurant is now closed for renovations it seems. (Like for Restaurant Makeover, which they saw on TV once or twice LOL). Since its so hot, they’ve now declared that they are going to play in the desert (although k calls it dessert, saying his dessert will have camels and he will wear a red hat). haha

acc to k, some kid boxed him in the chin today so his chin bled. I can’t see any evidence of such a thing though. I asked him so what he do. ” I kicked him and then told teacher”. Aiyoo! I asked who it was. “Some kid whose name I can’t remember.” “Is he new?” “No, old.” “which class is he in?” “dunno, not mine.”

you can see where this convo is not going LOL He always tells me he’s forgotten what he’s done in school today when I pick him up. He waits till we are all at the lunch table and only tells j2. hahaha but I get to hear it anyway 🙂

Ok.. enough of these anecdotes. Time to get back to script writing.


2 thoughts on “today’s imagination game

  1. Oh….totally adorable the antics of your kids !
    I love their creativity…and their diligence to homework and their ‘maybe-too-smart-ass’ answers!

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