So what was today’s drama?

Borrowing money again. This time to buy plastacine. When asked why, J1 blithely declares “Cos I wanted it.” His nails and hands are blue. His shirt has blue streaks. So does D’s. This time he borrowed from someone else, cos A said your mummy says you can’t borrow from me. Aieeeeee.

So Im going to ask his teacher to announce that J1 is NOT allowed to borrow money from anyone. He skipped his recess meal in order to go and buy this and play with it. He can also blithely tell me what he should or shouldnt do. I told him if you know all this, why you do it? “cos I wanted to and couldnt wait”. Apparently he scolded his brother cos J2 tried to stop him.

Teething problems in school? I guess so. I know other mums have been through this but yeesh.. I told him he can’t play in the shower. He says “If you don’t let me play in the shower, I wont do my homework.” I was like this is a time where you have no right to negotiate such a deal, young man! He stomped off.

I have a feeling he’s playing in the shower now. Sigh. He’s having adjustment issues I guess. Another week off next week, and then back again.

I guess you could chalk it down to this is how life becomes more interesting? That’s one way to look at it haha.

I wanna just take a nap and hide under the covers for a while!


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