Using your imagination

The boys are good at this. J2 esp likes to escape into his imaginary world more often than his brothers (unfortunately he tends not to notice whats around him either, a bit odd in the shopping centre or carpark LOL).

They’ve developed a world around their soft toys, There’s “Monkey” Force (J1’s crew) who work with “Dino” Force (that’s j2’s) and “Bear-Bear” force (k’s). So the soft toys have adventures, are related to each other (some I believe got married or something).

Listening to them play-act as it were, you can find out what’s worrying them or what’s on their minds etc, esp with j2. Bear (his most fav creature in the world) is the one who does the things j2 doesnt dare do,although he’d like to. Bear travels the world, drives a car (and a supercar at thatall right! lol), all at the age of 14. LOL

On the one hand, I really love their imaginations….but on the other, I’d like em to be a weee bit more self aware.. esp j2. He’s the quintessential absent minded prof. Bless em.

I’ve seen the HUGE pile of laundry on my bed. EEK I wish I could magically wish that folded and put away. haha I’ve been clearing some things, esp among my books. There’s a building pile for the Charity guys to come and take away, gotta get the clothes sorted etc too. I’m sure they’ll be coming again hehee.

I’ve put up TWO decorations for cNY woohoo.. only cos Min gave them to us hehehee I really do need to get the rest done LOL

Time to attack the fridge for inspiration for dinner!


2 thoughts on “Using your imagination

  1. Bless the creative mind….#2’s are mostly the dday dreaming kind as far as I have seen.

    Ask J1 to lead from the front and J3 to walk at the back so that J2 never wanders far.

    Goes to show 1 should always be first than 2 and after that 3!

    Hope dinner was good! I have NO decos up whatsoever! Sigh….

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