The further destruction of bags

Good grief Js bags are in terrible shape! I think the trolley bags arent going to help at all and I think I have to replace them with shoulder strap bags, in plain colours. Forget the designs of their fav superheroes/characters. UGH. I guess its the way they drag it all around and pull it here and there. And we walk to school, so they drag it along the road, up and down the drive ways, despite the number of times we’ve reprimanded them.

Their other classmates also bags are wearing thin, despite being brand spanking new only just over 2 weeks ago. Don’t bags last very long these days?!

K’s is pristine. But then he doesnt drag it everywhere, have races with it or toss it about. And he goes in and out of the car.

So shopping we go. No more Ben 10, Marvel heroes, Transformers bags for you mateys!


3 thoughts on “The further destruction of bags

  1. Maybe to still “indulge” them, get them Ben 10 and Marvel heroes keychains to decorate their plain coloured bags?

    Boys will be boys I guess.

  2. NO WONDER the parents carry the bags for the kids. We thought they were spoiling them….but then I guess better than the kids simply using them especially on the road!

  3. haha thanks girls.

    Well, a lot of it is also they don’t want their kids to carry bags lah.. I’ve seen struggling maids etc, while the kid just walks ahead. not even with a water bottle etc.

    I’ve found one bag that will do. I need to cari some more.

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