Meal plans and belt tightening (no, I’m not on a diet haha)

I’ve been trying to figure out meal plans, or trying to get my head into thinking them out, planning shopping accordingly. It probably save me a headache, save money, healthier etc.

It’s been slowly b/c a habit, once this festive season is over, scaling back on all manner of things would be a good idea. Little tricks here and there, eating out way less, choosing where to eat out etc, getting the kids to help out more at home so they appreciate how much work it is, less hours for the part timer I have.

Im getting back into baking more, cooking more often, it’s good and the kids are better for it. Having had to think of school “lunches” etc has helped in this score and I’m slowly “training” myself not to go and grab breakfast somewhere else or go tapau lunch etc. This comes from the meal plans.

CuddlyDaddy also has been packing lunches from home, it’s prob healthier and economical. We’ve been exercising most days and we’ve been motivating each other. 😀 Certainly feels better.

I definitely will be glad for the festive season to be over so some vague sense of normalcy (for us anyway lol) can come into place and we can carry on our “lifestyle change” as it were. (wah, sound like a BN politician hor).

I think one of the hardest things for me to give up or trim back on is my hp bills, in particular my SMSes 😀 I’m such a fiend at SMSes. I only SMS certain people regularly but heck it’s a lot. LOL must behave 😉

with this in mind, we’ve decided not to buy any new bags for the Js. We are going to go through what existing backpacks we have (or maybe Say Ku has) and see what can be used. They can just lump it. No point pouring more money down the drain!


2 thoughts on “Meal plans and belt tightening (no, I’m not on a diet haha)

  1. Good idea. I always liked packing lunches from home.

    Mil is very good in making a lot for breakfast (usually noodles or sandwiches) and we eat the rest for lunch as well, so she also saves time and cooking gas.

  2. Way to go girl! It takes real effort and planning to look into budgeting and cooking and all that for the household.

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