CNY fast approaches

I’ve been terribly disorganised this year’s CNY (as well as Xmas).I haven’t even decorated yet (must do today). With the Js new school and other things, it’s slid by the way side. Now Im almost in panic mode haha. I don’t tend to panic but I know it’s going to be a hectic week!

I’ve put aside sorting etc for now, I’d better get budgets/biz plans reworked, I really need to get myself together, eek!

K’s learning new words/phrases in BM and Mandarin each day now (he’ll start with the Js again after CNY in their exra class, which he’s thrilled about), he was telling me what ‘waist” meant, well I wasn’t sure what he said, till j2 told me, I was like oooo, and this morning, he told it to CuddlyDaddy, however he followed that up, by saying to me” Mummy, you have the biggest waist!”. I just cracked up!!!!!!

Ahh kids and their tact. If my self esteem was at a low ebb, I may feel miserable.. but he promptly followed that up with a BIG hug and said you are nice and cuddly, Mummy. Cheeky boy! lol I gotta laugh lah. After all, I do have the “Mummy Curves”. 🙂

j1’s bag is full of holes at the bottom and now his trolley is stuck in one position LOL I dunno what they do, barely one month already in bad shape. I’m wondering whether to give him a plain, nondescript, cheap trolley bag or give him j2’s and get j2 a new one. but I think he deserves a plain, nondescript bag. Tough if he wants a HSM3 bag (blady expensive!!!!).

Ok folks, time to get on with the business of the day!


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