Something about thursday nights

With me in my bNI meetings on fridays, CuddlyDaddy has to handle the zoo animals, ahem, I mean kids on his own. So I got up extra early so I can not only get ready myself but also prep what I can so his job is easier.

For some reason, our kids were like the most restless monkeys last night so my sleep was basically so broken up, Im not even sure what’s going on anymore haha. So far, no melodrama school wise in the morning.

Fridays are our most manic day of the week to be honest (and that’s something about us lol) so the lack of sleep is playing havoc!

I’ve got work to do, kids to pick up at same time, lunch, then Js have mandarin class, then I’ve got one errand to run, dinner to think about, pick up Js, got to also show someone the BURA room.

Thats why I really LQQK at people who say to me ” oh, you must be very free, being a SAHM and your kids in school.” Parents who are actively involved in their kids lives, y’all know how hectic it can get and how you have to juggle schedules etc, even more so during the hols and when they are sick. But I guess this will be something that will always happen.

Im not sure that I’m the type to goyang kaki (shake legs , meaning Im so free that I don’t have anything to do but shake legs), but definitely am trying to give my family and myself the best life possible, even if it means juggling three million things at once 🙂

Well, to everyone (the 5 of you who read my blog haha), have a lovely weekend!!


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