got the Js timetable

So this is their timetable for the next term (not sure if for the year or not).

12 periods of BM. 8 periods of English. 7 periods of Maths. 6 periods of Moral. 3 periods of Science. 2 periods of PE, Art, Music respectively, and Kesihatan (health) 1 period. Oh and two periods of BM tambahan (extra) which the non Muslim kids do.

Forgive me if my memory is wonky (entirely possible), dont remember so many periods of agama and arabic for primary school. Even secondary, not as many. But then I’m old. haha.

J2 salam my hand the other day (admittedly it was the left hand cos my right hand had k’s water bottle in it). I asked him where he learnt that. He has noticed all the kids in school (they cant tell muslim from non muslim and thats good 😀 all the same hehe) will salam teachers or parents etc. He wonders if he should be doing the same thats all. I explained that its a Muslim sign of respect but we don’t use the left hand to hand things over etc (asian thing).

So I said I’d show him how to shake hands and bring the right hand to the heart, which is what most Malaysians do. I told him that it was what I was taught as a polite way and also to symbolise that you mean good will to the other person. He seemed satisfied with that, and exclaimed that he didnt really wanna smell my hand anyway. Im sorry folks, I tried not to giggle!

We’ve been practising our BM, saying good night etc. K’s been trying to follow as well, and they are teaching him little things in mandarin and he’s enjoying that. He’ll be joining his brothers in mandarin “classes” after cny (more like songs etc, which he loves, he does love to sing. Jonas brothers and High School Musical mostly lol).

we plod along. Tomorrow is another early day, since they have replacement class, we are taking k swimming at the club (doesnt that sound sooo posh LOL) after swinging by the BURA room to write out receipts, hand over things and grab a check etc. Then lunch after school with godma and Auntie T and grandparents 🙂 and then probably more activities haha

the Js want to learn badminton, I think we can try and teach em in the evening. Im glad they are inclined to try all these things 🙂 its good for them also hehe.

J2 has declared he will go for the Winter Olympics since J1 wants to go for the Summer Olympics. I had to point out we dont have snow or ice. He corrected me to say that I had told him there’s an ice rink at Sunway. Dang their good memories! lol

I told him he could always try out BMX since it was at the olympics in Beijing and there’s a track of sorts near us. (I think the grandmothers will be cringing at this point haha). So I told them when they learn how to ride their bikes without training wheels WELL etc, we may consider letting em try skateboarding. Eyes lit up. (I found “cheap” kids skateboards at Tesco for under RM30 btw hehe). J1 asked what does consider mean?

told him well, it means I will think about it. then j2 said aww man that means NO! hehehee So I said they have to be good, do chores, be good in school and learn how to ride without training wheels. J1 of course promptly said I dont want to skateboard.
I told him oh, thats such a shame, cos his cousins were learning over in the UK and such and such a friend also does it (oh dear Mummy’s using peer pressure). j2 told him yeah and its so cool!!! J1 says he will “consider” it. haha

I told Cuddly Daddy what transpired. He had to close his eyes in horror cos he will imagine broken bones, hosp bills etc. hehee I just let them try whatever lah 🙂

k wants me to take him back to Camp 5 and wall climbing again (But this time with daddy). my little cat burglar HAHA He’s also picking up the habit of “negotiation”. Oh dear. Two lawyers to be in the household is too much! (sorry, uncle S).

Have a good weekend folks 😉


3 thoughts on “got the Js timetable

  1. Sounds like your going to be busy, I just have one question or maybe 2, what is BM tambahan ? For your American friends that haven’t a clue lol and 2. CAN I go out on a BMX with the J’s ?? that sounds like so much fun !!!


  2. It’s good to hear your boys are growing in so many ways.

    Keep them happy, busy and active and they’ll get into your hair less, right?

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