Another day, another drama

Well, our fella j1 borrowed money from his classmate to buy himself something from the bookshop. sigh. At first he said it was for his friend but he also admitted it he wanted it. A mechanical pencil. hurmph.

Anyway, we are opening his money box to pay back. He grumbling away but tough.

They’ve also been enjoying classes (frreeee hehe) at MK, something for the festive season it seems. Monday it was “art/craft” classes (ages 4-6). Today it was Junior Chef for the older two. They made the filling for the wantan, K snuck in and mixed the mixture for j1 and they folded up the wantans and the teacher fried it up. I got to try one and the rest disappeared while on the way home haha.

I like them trying all these things, which is good. They are a tired bunch though cos once together, there’s always giggling and nonsense. these fellas ah.. Tomorrow will be an early day though. Daddy’s gotta sort em out in the am (made banana bread today so at least school lunches are sorted), I have to get u p a bit earlier and sort breakfast etc and he has to send em to school and get em ready etc.

Friday isa mad day!!!!


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