So it’s coming up to two weeks

Missing text books, almost missing kid, tantrums from k abated, now replacement classes on sat. These are just some of the things that have been happening in our lives lately.

I’ve been pretty good at the exercise routine, trying to get back into a routine, there’s CNY coming up, thinking about hols etc.

K is enjoying his artclass, we’ve had two days of no tantrums. Although just now I was greeted with “I didnt cry mummy but I wanted you! He runs to me and hugs me and says mummy, I missed you!” Its nice to get hugs. ahh maternal guilt.. except I havent felt guilty about leaving them in school, guilty pleasure? no wait that would mean I feel guilty. Relief? some days yeah LOL

K is getting used to going to school without his brothers. I think having the art class (although I know it’s kinda a long day for him) has been good, he LOVES colouring/drawing and it’s something JUST for him. J1’s asking for music/singing lessons! I told him see how we go in school hahaha

they are all back in the same room again. k still sneaks in, but its only cos he wants the loo, dunno why he wont go to his own bathroom, funnylah kids when they are half asleep. In some ways it’s good cos the Js have to get ready for school, so he can have an extra half hour of sleep which makes a difference for him (we’ve found this), but not so much sleep for mummy cos he has to snugggggggle so close until u can fall off.

Back to work!


2 thoughts on “So it’s coming up to two weeks

  1. Glad some things are coming along fine.

    I too would not know what to do with missing text books and cut straps of lunch bags…

    Take care, my dear.

    Hope to meet up some time.

  2. Oh….things to date seem so sweet!

    And I so know the meaning of snuggling so close until you nearly fall off! Though I love my weekend mornings beccuase of that….

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