First days at school

So how was the first full day of school? Or two days now.

It’s been good, a bit kelam kabut (chaotic) cos well, it was the first day 🙂 The Js were fine going to school, they had no trouble, no tears etc, yay! 🙂 Not that I expected tears from them, but who knows. They seem to be enjoying it thus far. J2 even helped this kid next to him (his mum told me about what he did) to feel better and reassured him that there’s nothing to cry about and don’t worry, he’ll look after him, and sit next to him. Aww bless him.

So far they seem ok. K is fairly happy, some tears here and there, mostly cos he didnt seem to grasp that he’s not in his old class anymore (his argument is that he’s not 4 yet, so he can’t be in the 4year old class). aiyooo.. today was cos daddy took him to school (he’s very attached to daddy).

While they’ve been at school, it’s been errand running, we recently joined a new club so been going to the gym and today I swam! (without drowning no less!!!). It’s going to be an adjustment period with the new routine, esp with the early start!!! but it should be good!

more soon!


5 thoughts on “First days at school

  1. awww Kin.. k wasnt as good this morning, and yday. Daddy took him to school yday and bollywood crying and clinging.. but was fine the moment daddy went around the corner. Mummy today took time to see his new class room etc and then vanished! haha.. heard him screaming away until I went around the corner.. then shuddup. LOL actor only..

    he’s in art class today (he loves loves to draw and colour so I thought he could have an activity just for himself).. 🙂

    hope max settles in soon!!!!

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