Can’t wait for routine to return..

I think everyone is holidayed out. (yes it is a word!) K is asking when we are going back to school again. He says he misses school. I think he wants a routine again. He’s not sleeping all that well, therefore he’s more cranky, not want to eat so much (and this is my chomping machine!) and it’s a vicious cycle.

more on this tomorrow..


7 thoughts on “Can’t wait for routine to return..

  1. And I am the one requiring the routine in my house!

    Caitlin’s been enjoying the non-routine, in that it’s been free-for-all. But I am the one stressing that she has nothing to keep her intellectually occupied!

  2. Hiya, i know its a little backdated, but i came across one of your old posts about making household cleaning agents. I was wondering where you get your supplies from – such as Castile Soap. Hopefully somewhere nearer to PJ. I’ve been looking all over, with no luck 😦

    Maybe you can email me? Thanks!

  3. Micah is all ready for school too.

    Max is the one I’m getting myself ready to have to deal with separation anxiety, although he is saying that he is going to school now that he is three.

    Oh, boy…

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