Yes dear people I’ve been MIA… Just so many things lor..

The Js are almost prepped for school, just a few odds and ends left (which they will get during xmas 😉 ) I’ve swopped their sleeping arrangements again. j2 has his own room now and the two melodrama boys (k and j1) are now in one room. At the weekend, I found this stall (in the Curve) that sells those wall decorative stickers (beautiful) at a fraction of the price of those we found online. J1 chose the sea scape for their room and an atlas with animals for j2. It’s definitely not enough, but we wanted to “try” first. It worked out very nicely. I should take a pix LOL Maybe during Xmas.

Anyway I prob wont be blogging for a few more days yet (school orientation coming!!!) and I need to “catch” up with things (I haven’t moved their clothes around etc etc) among other things..

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and a Happy new Year! May it bring you health, wealth and security 🙂


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