My sons tried something new today!

Out of desperation (and it’s only the first week of hols lol). Took the boys to Camp5, this rock climbing place in 1u. (we were looking for all the places that kids could play sports, esp if it’s raining etc).

J2 asked to try. Said ok. (it is RM45 an hour with an instructor and equipment provided), k wanted to do. J1 said no. after watching brothers, he said yes (paid for half an hour). The instructor (a european fella) took k and j2 to the boulder bit where they “try you out”. j2 tried first, the instructor is there to help etc. he managed to climb over etc. Next was k. K flew up that wall like a cat! he seem to find instinctive footholds, what to do etc. Instructor was quite impressed. Then we tried the bit with the harness on a different wall. K went 3/4 up the wall almost to the top (till he looked down). We cheered him all the way (not sure the rest of the climbers appreciated that LOL). I must try to download the pix I took. If you see the gallery from the website, the one where it says castle wall, 2nd pix from the left (top row). you will see that wall. Bloody high wall wei. He climbed higher than both his brothers.

j2 and k have asked to go again (j1 SAYS he’ll try harder next time but I told him its ok if he doesnt wanna do it). I might do it again next week (see if got some specials somewhere). we always said k would be the one for extreme sports HAHA Mebbe he’s found his thing LOL

Well, it’s good exercise anyway, they seem to enjoy it, sekali seminggu is ok 🙂 WAit and see if mummy gets tempted to try it 😉


4 thoughts on “My sons tried something new today!

  1. Yes, you should try it!

    I tried a few times in the late 90’s at the one in The Summit USJ (not sure if they are still there). They went by per-entry, not by duration.

    Only thing I remember is that you can’t last longer than 2 hours anyway; assuming you were constantly climbing: Your forearms will give way soon after that. Because you are always using your fingers (making like a claw with them to climb) it’s those muscles that fatigue first.

    But it is good exercise, and given that you have boys (we are after all, all monkeys aren’t we??) I think once they get over the ropes and stuff, they will have a ball!

    Bit expensive though…

    On a related note, my 3yr old Caitlin has been quite bored since the start of the holidays. Granted, other than the Adelaide trip in a few weeks, and her bday party soon, I haven’t planned anything else for her! HAHA!

  2. Wow!! Fabulous!
    So glad your boys did that!

    Just on Wed we were trying to persuade both our boys to try out a sample one at the Science Center but both were not very willing. Max more willing but after a not very successful attempt, he said, “Maybe I’m a little scared.”

    Well, in time, I suppose…

  3. Loads of hand power girl! but after 3 kids, reckon you have it in you.

    As for k…wow! impressive!

    Kids of diff character ya!

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