Don’s GI Joe COMIC PACK is being sold here!!!!

I posted here too.

I was browsing Toys r Us in 1Utama and just by chance, I saw it!!!!!!!

Don’s GI Comic Packs (the !*)#@) didn’t put artist credit on there). BUT saying that:

his character packs are:

(1) Beach head/Data Frame
(2) Duke/Red Star
(3) Nemesis Immortal/Ltnt Falcon
(4) Hardmaster/Snake Eyes

Each Pack is RM39.90. I don’t know if it’s sold anywhere else but wow.. we were told it was only sold in the US/Europe!

Harrass Toys r US to bring more in! According to the staff, it came in a while ago but selling like hotcakes!

Come and see the artist himself this coming sunday at the Bandar Utama Family Carnival and get your copy/box signed 😀

sunday, 9am-6pm
Where: BU3 Dewan Serbaguna


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