HSM3: Senior Year Review

The kids had the most wonderful time at HSM3: Senior Year yday. I took them (yes all three lol) with a friend of theirs and her mum. K was the youngest there it seems but he started dancing in the aisle during his fav songs LOL J1 singing off key wherever possible and avoiding the teen/tween girls who kept talking to him. LOL J2 watched happily and explaining all sorts of this to D, his friend who sat next to him. The mums had a good laugh and enjoyed the musical spectacle and the happy kids. No need think about plot etc, was a good brainless foot tapping fun. 🙂 Ignoring the screaming tweens every time Zac had a close up or took his shirt off. LOL It was quite funny, the other boys kept shushing them LOL

at least it was a more lively crowd who cheered when it started, foot tapping etc. Rather unlike that crowd at the Harry Connick Jr show we went to hehehehehhehehee

we enjoyed ourselves very much lor 🙂 I definitely needed that break. Afterwards, we went to the new Cold Storage in 1utama to get some stuff from the bakery. The kids danced and sang all the way there and back and wherever possible. Funnylah. 🙂

D is working again today. Time of the month for me too. Cranky betul. quiet day at home today for us anyway, esp after the excitement of yday LOL

Have a good wkend folks. SELAMAT MENYAMBUT HARI DEEPAVALI! May there be light and happiness in your life 🙂


2 thoughts on “HSM3: Senior Year Review

  1. hahaha…what a grand time! Can just imagine your kids dancing and singing…

    Kids have so much unreserved fun ya!

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