Bandar Utama RA Family Carnival

Im helping to sell coupon booklets (they come in RM10 booklets) for the Family Carnival. It’s helping raise some money for charity, as well as for the RA (we need the funds! lol).

When: Nov 9th Sunday 2008
Where: BU3 Community Hall
Time: 9am-6pm

If you know anyone or you yourself want to purchase the coupons, drop me a line, we can arrange something.
If the company you work for wishes to purchase a bigger amount of coupons so the charity homes can come and enjoy the Carnival due to their kindness. Or Churches/temples etc too 🙂

please let me know!!!


4 thoughts on “Bandar Utama RA Family Carnival

  1. Are you involved in any other way besides selling coupons? Maybe we’d like to drop by… if Gadget-daddy is ok with his schedules.

    Call/sms you about this later.

  2. Im part of the organising comimttee. Cuddly Daddy has a booth selling sketches.

    ask Gadget Daddy for his office to buy coupons so more charity homes can come and enjoy 🙂

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