My son, the drama king..

j1 has been acting like a .. well… not quite a demon child but he’s definitely been acting up REALLLLY badly.

Im trying not to pigeonhole him, he’s just being really naughty, rude, disobedient etc. I’ve tried allllll the different recommended methods of working thru this (from the rotan, to corners to taking away privileges to talking to him seriously to fining him and yes, yelling was often involved lol). Its (I think) partly attention seeking cos I’ve been so darn busy of late, as have my parents and Cuddly Daddy but I dunno, his brothers aren’t reacting in this way. He gets bored easily and when he does, destruction tends to fall in his wake.

Im really at my wits end these days. I;m fresh out of ideas. When he is good, oh, he’s such a helpful lad and all that. He’s such a smart boy, but I guess he needs more occupation. His brothers tend to fall under his wake of destruction as it were so they kena also. Not really fair. Its frustrating for me cos well, its the clean up we have to do afterwards, and I just am tired of all this melodrama and mischief. Its also happening in school from what I understand. He’s promised over and over again to be good, then two seconds later, it begins again.

I refuse to believe that at 6years old, I’ve already raised a naughty, lying lil git. cos I still think at heart, he’s a bright, good, loving lad. But lately, urgghhhhh, geram betul!

anyone else got any bright ideas? Im really out of it. I should spend some time browsing the Net for more ideas etc.

Thats partly why I really haven’t been in the mood to do anything, blogging etc. Ok, now to get em from school.


2 thoughts on “My son, the drama king..

  1. oh hmm….

    If it is you that he is seeking attenetion from, that would be tough in the sense you only have so much of yourself to give!

    But if not, maybe some more other activities to fill his day?

    Sigh….no place for him to run off all his energy?

  2. Sigh. Im trying not to over schedule their time but I also dont know what to do with them all, cos I;d already be so worn out and then.. sigh..

    I dont know who he’s seeking attention from.. pening only..

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